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Private Supper Clubs

Due to the popularity and immediate selling out of the public Bluebird Supper Club, we've decided to offer private supper clubs. Let us curate an evening (or day) of dining and live music for your family, friends, or colleagues. Each menu and musical performers will be curated to your specific preferences. This is not something you select off a generic list of options. We actually call you and walk you through the entire process, ensuring a perfect event. The dining portion of the event is prepared and served by Underground Fine Dining and the performers are booked for you directly from the Bluebird Music Festival staff.



"I was trained in predominantly French and Italian kitchens in the beginning of my career. I gathered the classic framework that I now apply to a more modern globally influenced cuisine.  

Prior to starting Underground Fine Dining in 2015 I worked at Frasca Food and Wine and was Chef de cuisine at L’atelier for three years.  Wanting to explore my passion through a different lens than the normal brick and mortar restaurant, I created Underground Fine Dining.       


My cuisine is inspired by travels throughout France , Southeast Asia, and Mexico.  Being a private chef has facilitated the freedom to roam and learn from new culinary experiences along the way. 


Underground Fine Dining has taken me everywhere from pop- up dinners abroad, cooking on houseboats, touring with musicians, and intimate celebrations in my clients homes.  Every menu, space, and client provides a unique experience that fulfills my passion and gives me the perfect outlet to share it with others."     

-Dustin Brandt, Underground Fine Dining


Musical performers for our private events are booked personally by the Bluebird Music Festival. We will work with your budget and musical preference to curate the perfect evening of live music for your event. You may select from local to nationally touring musicians or bands. Enjoy the music you love to see in public at your own private event.

Email us today at to set up your initial consultation. Let us plan the perfect evening for you!

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